What is Behavior:

Meaning of Behavior is the way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially towards others. Behavior is a term that characterizes any reaction of the individual, animal, organ or institution to the environment in which it is inserted.

It deals with the way in which people or organisms deal with stimuli in relation to their surroundings, but can also be carried out in accordance with the various existing social conventions, where society expects people to act according to standards in certain situations.

Psychological point of view

From the psychological point of view, meaning of behavior is the way a human being acts in relation to his environment. When a person has a stable type of pattern, then we say that this person has a conduct.

Psychology is the area dedicated to studying the phenomena of human behavior. Behaviorism is the specific part that has behavior as its object of study.


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Therefore, there are several modes of human behavior that may vary with the circumstances in which they are performed.

Conscious behavior

Conscious behavior is behavior that is performed right after a thought process, such as when we greet someone we know meeting this person on the street. Unconscious behavior, on the other hand, is every attitude that we perform without stopping to reflect on it.

Private behavior

Private behavior is the action performed when being alone or in the privacy of one’s home, not having to subject oneself to the prying eyes of other people, unlike public behavior, which is the action done in the presence of other human beings or in spaces shared with others. people.

It is also possible to value behavior by being good or bad, depending on the situation in which it is performed within established social norms, such as when a child disobeys an order from his parents, they can usually scold him for his behavior not being within the standards adopted by them, what we then know as punishment or punishment.

This mechanism of punishment or reward for a particular attitude relates to the process of operant behavior. In this process an association is made between the behavior and the consequence for this behavior, such as when a lab mouse, pressing a blue button, receives a food ball and pressing a red button, it receives an electric shock. He then learns to press the blue button and to avoid the red button.

The term behavior can also be replaced by synonyms such as performance, practice, habit, conduct, manners, action, among others.

Organizational behavior

Behavior can also be related to how people behave in the workplace and the influence of these behaviors on the company climate. It is called organizational behavior.

It addresses the set of behaviors and attitudes practiced by employees of an organization of all job levels.

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Consumer behavior

This is an important segment of the Marketing area, which analyzes the factors that lead the consumer to make a certain purchase of product or service.

It uses and combines techniques and elements linked to the areas of Psychology, Economics, Sociology to understand the process that leads the individual to buy the product or service, either alone or in groups.


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