Freemasonry is an association, also called order or fraternity, whose basic principles are free thinking and the practice of tolerance and morality .

The purpose of the Order is to assist in the spiritual and moral development of its members (called Freemasons), to improve society, making it more just, ethical and moral.

There is a lot of mystery surrounding Freemasonry, including the belief that it is a secret order, which generates a lot of curiosity about what happens within the association.

Meet some curiosities about Freemasonry.

1. Masons wear the Masonic apron

Masons wear the Masonic apron
Masons wear the Masonic apron

Freemasonry is a symbolic society and the Masonic apron, though less well known, is one of them. The apron worn by Freemasons has various meanings within the fraternity.

The apron is used to remind Masons that one of their functions is to keep working constantly for the good of society . It serves to remind him of his main purpose of contributing to the moral and ethical evolution of society.

When is the Masonic apron worn?

The Masonic apron should be worn for all sessions held and can only be removed after the meeting is over.

There are different types of Masonic aprons that are worn according to the degree of development of each member. There is the Apprentice, Companion and Master Freemason apron. The aprons also have different colors and details according to the degrees of each Freemason.

2. There is female Freemasonry

There is a belief that Freemasonry is only made up of men. It is true that most Freemasons are men from the earliest records of the fraternity’s existence.

But there are also female Masonic orders, such as the Order of Freemasons, the Order of Amaranth, the Honorary Fraternity of the Old Freemasons, the Order of Freemasons, and the Social Order of Beauceant, among others.

The rites that happen in female Freemasonry are the same as those in male freemasonry. As with men-made Masonic lodges, clothes are worn that identify the degree of development the Freemason is in. Initiation rituals and all other common practices of Freemasonry are also performed.

Although there is a debate about the existence of female Freemasonry, as there are Freemasons who do not accept the existence of groups formed by women , the Grand Lodge of France, which is one of the largest Masonic groups in existence, has confirmed the legitimacy of women’s Freemasonry. .

3. Freemasons use three points in writing and signature


In writing Masons use three points that are placed in the shape of a triangle . This curious fact has also become known as one of the features that allows Masons to be recognized, but that is not why they are used.

The three points in writing have the function of abbreviating words and should be used according to some rules. For example, the three points must be used after the first letter of the word, but you must make sure that the word to be abbreviated cannot be confused with another.

There are many explanations for the use of the three points by Masons, such as the fact that the triangle is a representation of God or the cycle of birth, life, and death.

Use of the three points in the signature

Over time the three points were also used to sign the Freemasons and this has a meaning.

It is a symbol of discretion that is part of the behavior of members of Freemasonry and functions as a reminder of the discrete values that must be followed by Freemasons.

4. Atheists Cannot Be Part of Freemasonry

Freemasonry is not a religion, nor does it follow the precepts of any religion. However, society values ​​principles of faith in a Higher Being and there is a curiosity about the religiousness of the members of the fraternity.

Freemasons believe in the existence of a Divine and Superior Being, whom they refer to as the ” Great Architect of the Universe .” Thus, to be part of Freemasonry one must have some religious belief in the existence of this Divinity.

In Freemasonry there is no prejudice as to the religion of each of the Freemasons and all forms of manifestation of faith are accepted. Only atheists are not accepted in the order, that is, people who do not believe in the existence of a Higher Being responsible for the universe.

5. Freemasons have “secret” greetings and gestures

Freemasons have "secret" greetings and gestures
Freemasons have “secret” greetings and gestures

The members of Freemasonry have some ways of greeting that are only known to them, it is the Masonic greeting . The greeting is called secret because it is not known to people in general, only people in society are aware of it.

The purpose of this greeting is that by greeting each other, Freemasons can recognize each other wherever they are.

Just as there is a greeting, members of Freemasonry also use specific gestures that act as communication codes between members of the order. There are testimonies that Masons have a ” secret hug ” that also identifies them.


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