What is Religiosity:

Religiosity means the quality of the individual who is willing or inclined to reflect on aspects of religious activity , whatever the religion.

It addresses religious feelings and the tendency of the individual toward sacred things.

Normally, religiosity consists of a series of actions aimed at reflecting the ethical values ​​that have some religious content. These actions serve as a kind of moral assessment of one’s dedication to religion.

In general, religiosity shows the meaning that a person has in reflecting on issues related to religion and the personal religious beliefs that show the power of faith.

From a psychological point of view, religiosity influences a person’s values ​​and ways of thinking as he or she thinks about what is and is not right for them.

In addition to this aspect, another factor observed within psychological issues is the way a subject can, within his religious belief, communicate with his deities, whether through rituals, prayers or prayers.

These expressions establish a form of spiritual dialogue that has great value within religious language.

Religiosity shows a kind of knowledge different from rational in integrating the plan of faith as a truth value.

The term can be replaced by synonyms such as:

  • devotion;
  • faith;
  • belief;
  • fervor;
  • godliness;
  • holiness;
  • santimonia;
  • righteousness;
  • zeal;
  • punctuality;
  • faithfulness;
  • probity;
  • scruple;
  • correction;
  • rigor

Religiosity and Religion

Although these terms are similar and may confuse many people, religiosity and religion have different meanings.

Generally speaking, religion is the following by which the individual has his belief in God (or gods) and divine faith. Religiosity deals with the relationship that the individual has with this belief.

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Religiosity and Spirituality

It is also common that there is some confusion between the meanings of religiosity and spirituality. Although words have somewhat similar concepts, there are significant differences between them.

Religiosity deals with the way to reflect on religious life and its actions. Spirituality seeks the true essence of religion through a greater connection with communion and sharing with one another.


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