What is Religious Knowledge:

Religious knowledge (also called theological knowledge) is all knowledge based on sacred or divine doctrines.

Religious knowledge is supported by religious faith, that is, the belief that all phenomena happen by the will of supernatural entities or energies. For this reason, religious knowledge has dogmatic explanations that cannot be refuted.

Around the world, religious knowledge is organized into different religions that have their own sets of beliefs, rituals and moral codes, such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, etc.

Characteristics of religious knowledge

Valuing : Religious knowledge is based on subjective judgments rather than proven facts and events.

Unverifiable : By dealing with spiritual, metaphysical, divine, and supernatural issues, religious knowledge is not subject to scientific verification.

Infallible : Religious knowledge explains the phenomena and mysteries of life through dogmatic propositions (absolute truths) that cannot be refuted.

Systematic : Regardless of religion, religious knowledge is organized into a set of complementary rules.

Inspirational : Religious knowledge is based on supernaturally revealed doctrines and teachings.

Examples of religious knowledge

Any evaluative knowledge based exclusively on faith can be classified as religious knowledge. However, according to each religion, it is possible to cite examples of the most popular religious knowledge:

  • In Christianity, Jesus Christ is a child of God and came into the world with the mission of teaching love of neighbor and saving those who believe through His death on the cross.
  • In Islam, God (Allah) communicated directly with the prophet Muhammad, who transcribed the teachings and gave rise to the holy book Quran (or Koran).
  • In Judaism, the Jewish people would be a direct descendant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. According to religion, God would have promised the Israelites the land between the Egypt River and the Euphrates River, where it is believed that Jesus will return on Judgment Day.


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