What is Organizational Behavior:

Organizational behavior (OB) is the study of how the people or groups that make up a company act in their respective workplaces , and how their attitudes may affect the customs and behaviors that characterize the organization. In other words, it is the academic study about the ways people act within a groups. Applying OB principles is a major attempt to make businesses operate more effectively.

Organizational Behavior researchers primarily focus on the behavior of individuals in their organizational roles.

organizational behavior
organizational behavior

Study of human behavior in an organizational settings is called as Organizational behavior (OB). This study is the interface between and organization and human behavior.

Each company has its own organizational culture , and its employees must act according to the beliefs and responsibilities of their respective work.

The organizational structure of each company is based on principles, attitudes, beliefs, values ​​and objectives that are defended and identify the philosophy of the organization. However, just as employees must understand and represent the company’s organizational culture, it must offer conditions that positively affect the lifestyle and well-being of workers, customers and others involved.

The study of organizational behavior is important in companies as a means of ensuring a good dynamics in maintaining and improving people management. This may make it possible to foresee situations and to avoid personal or collective conflicts between employees.

To conduct these behavioral analyzes, some tools are used, such as coaching programs, individual competency mapping, behavioral profile questionnaires, among other strategic actions.

As a result of the study on organizational behavior, it is also possible to determine ways to improve the productivity effectiveness of the company’s employees and collaborators.

Understanding Organizational Behavior
Understanding Organizational Behavior

What Is Organizational behavior management (OBM)?

Organizational behavior management (OBM) is a type of applied behavior analysis (ABA). OBM applies psychological principles of experimental analysis of behavior to organizations and organizational behavior to improve individual as well as group performance and safety of the workers.

According to Psychological Services, a publication from the American Psychological Association, Organizational behavior management applies the behavioral principles to the individuals as well as groups in an industry, business, government & human service settings

What Is Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB)?

Organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) is a person’s voluntary commitment and services for a company or an organization that is not part of his contractual assignments.

Most of the employees working in an organization are convinced on this understanding that their primary duty is to do their assigned work, deliver the work that is beneficial and acceptable to their organization and stay away from the behaviors which may be deemed troublesome.

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