What is Organizational Psychology:

Organizational psychology is an area of ​​psychology that is dedicated to understanding the phenomena of human behavior that occur within the workplace .

The area, also called work psychology, strives to solve problems related to human resources management or people management within a company. For this purpose it seeks to understand how employees act in collective environments and analyzing the consequences of a certain attitude within the workplace.

Organizational psychology is developed through the application of the principles of psychology, seeking to understand the individual and collective behavior of employees, as well as the organizational behavior of the company.

The work of organizational psychology is to increase collective well-being and quality of life in the workplace.

What is Organizational Psychology
What is Organizational Psychology

Practice areas of organizational psychology

The main areas of activity of organizational psychology are:

  • Recruitment and selection of personnel: area responsible for attracting and organizing employees in vacancies available in the company, by identifying people who have the most appropriate profile to occupy each of the jobs.
  • Employee training and development: consists of a set of actions and strategies aimed at empowering employees to ensure more efficient performance of their duties, according to the company’s work needs.
  • Employee satisfaction monitoring : The organizational psychologist is also responsible for monitoring the motivation levels of the people who serve in a company, always aiming to ensure that they feel valued and integrated into the work environment.
  • Organizational diagnosis: work that makes a kind of situational assessment of all areas of business management to identify possible problems or difficulties that exist within the company. In identifying the problem points the psychologist must devise and execute strategies to solve these problems.
  • Conflict management : These are actions implemented to ensure a healthier work environment, based on the identification and resolution of conflicts that may exist between employees of the company or institution.
  • Career and Salary Management : takes care of the correct assignment of duties to each position in the company, and helps to establish the most appropriate salary for each position performed. It can also help in designing a career path that allows for growth opportunities and employee benefits.

Organizational psychology can be used in any type of work environment: in private companies, public institutions, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies.

What does an organizational psychologist do?

The professional who works in this area is called an organizational psychologist. He is responsible for identifying difficulties and proposing actions that improve life and working conditions within companies and institutions. Among his activities, the following stand out:

  • Identification of key employee profiles within the company.
  • Assessment of organizational behavior of human resources.
  • Diagnosis of psychosomatic diseases and work-related disorders within the company.
  • Identification of causes of absenteeism (absence from work) and high employee turnover.
  • Show the main motivational factors for the job.
  • Propose changes that improve the structure and operation of the company.
  • Analysis of the practices and rules adopted by the company.

Importance of Organizational Psychology

Organizational psychology work is important to ensure better health, quality of life and productivity within the workplace.

Thus, psychological counseling in the workplace is favorable for both the well-being of employees and the success of the company.

Through organizational psychology companies and institutions can become better able to avoid possible actions and behaviors that undermine the organizational culture of the workplace. From this they can create and adopt strategies that promote satisfactory team integration.

Industrial organizational psychology

Industrial-organizational psychology, often referred to as I-O psychology, or industrial psychology is a branch of psychology which is related to the study that applies psychological theories and principles to organizations.

This study focuses on increasing the productivity of workplace and related issues such as physical & mental well-being of the employees. The objective of this field is to study and understand human behavior in an organization or workplace. Wide variety of tasks are performed by Industrial organizational psychologists that include conducting leadership training, evaluating companies and studying worker behavior,

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