What is Contemporary:

Contemporary is an adjective that refers to what is from the same time, which lived at the same time. Contemporary designates who or what shares or shared the same time, the same period.

For example: “Many experts say that Machado de Assis may be better understood by today’s reader than by his contemporaries.”

Another examples of contemporary in a Sentence: He was a contemporary of George Washington. She is politically very different from most of her contemporaries.

Contemporary also refers to the present age, the present time, and the individual of our time .

For example: Contemporary music is the music of our time. Contemporary art is the art of our time.

The meaning of the word modern is different from the contemporary word in that it is used to refer to what is newer to what is closest to us, or to what is prone to innovations not yet consecrated by use.

Contemporary age

The Contemporary Age is a definite period for the study of history, which begins in the year 1789, the time of the French Revolution, until the present day. Within this period are studied various historical facts, among them, the Napoleonic Era, the Independence of Brazil, the Industrial Revolution, Liberalism and Socialism, the First World War, the Second World War etc.


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