What is Vanguard:

Vanguard is the most conscious and combative portion, or most advanced ideas, of any social group. By extension, it is a group of individuals who, by their knowledge or a natural tendency, play the role of precursor or pioneer in a particular cultural, artistic, scientific movement, etc.

Forefront means front, front, front . It is a feminine noun, from the French “avant-garde” (being in front, in front of a movement). They are synonyms of avant-garde: anteguarda, front . They are antonyms of avant-garde: rear, tail.

At the military level, the avant-garde is the first line of an army, a squad, in march or battle order.

European vanguard

The European Vanguard was a period characterized by artistic movements in the fine arts, literature, music, architecture and cinema, often from different countries, with specific proposals, although some more or less common traits, such as the feeling of creative freedom, were approaching. the desire to break with the past, the expression of subjectivity and a certain irrationalism.

These movements emerged in Europe in the twentieth century, before, during and after World War I. Paris was the great European cultural center of the time, from which new artistic ideas radiated to the rest of the western world. The best known movements of the European avant-garde were: Futurism , Cubism , Expressionism , Dadaism and Surrealism .

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Brazilian avant-garde

The European artistic avant-garde had its correspondent in Brazil with the Modern Art Week (1922). Within this symbolic milestone of the modernist movement was the participation of practically all sectors of artistic activity. In reciprocal harmony were “Mario de Andrade, and Oswald de Andrade in Literature”, “Heitor Villa Lobos in Music”, “Di Cavalcanti and Anita Malfati in Painting”, “Victor Brecheret in Sculpture” etc., which throughout the decade of 20 formed the shock troops of Modernism, struggling to deploy a vanguard-artistic mentality in the country.

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